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Gone for the weekend!

((That’s right! From 10/16 - 10/19, I’ll be away at Another Anime Convention (AAC)! 8D Whoo~ I’ll be leaving in just a bit, but I thought I’d let you guys know u v u I plan to bring my laptop with me, though, so I’ll be able to check in at night, but I won’t be able to really update. |D So those voice acting requests will have to be on hold— Haha.

So yeah! I hope to see some of you guys there (even if I don’t know it’s you)! I’ll be Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls on Friday and Sunday and I’ll be Chibitalia on Saturday. At least, that’s the plan X’D

So I’ll see you lovelies later~ > u < Have a wonderful weekend<3))

http://awakenedprince.tumblr.com/post/100096747494/send-me-for-me-to-voice-act-your-muse-to-voice-act awakenedprince

Send me ☾ for me to voice act your muse, ☯ to voice act a character of your choosing or ☎ to voice act a character of my choosing

Anonymous asked: Mun, I want to make an OC ask!blog but I'm afraid no one will like it let alone take a look at it (since most people don't really take a look at OCs in the first place) so I was wondering if you have any tips or advice to making an OC ask!blog since yours is so popular? Thank you for your time, hope I wasn't a bother!

((Me? Popular? Ahahaha— *BRICK’D*

Ahem. I mean, I don’t mind you asking at all~ u v u Not a bother. Ah, I hope I can help, though!

When I first started this blog, barely anyone outside of my close group of friends followed me. I would be lucky to get a single ask in a week’s span. And it was understandable. As you said, there are a lot of people that don’t like looking at OC blogs for whatever reason they may have. I think what eventually got me noticed was that I followed a lot of blogs and sent many asks in attempt to interact with them. This usually catches a person’s attention, for they most likely will look at your blog once seeing your ask and see what it’s all about. Most people do that, right? Out of curiosity?

What also helps is to have as much information on your blog about your OC as possible. Unlike canon characters, no one knows your character, so it’s best to give them at least a general idea of who your character is. If there’s nothing, they won’t be sure how to feel about them and may be more prone to turning away from it. Even if all you have is basic info at first, it’s better than nothing. 

It may also help to have quite a few asks answered, even if you have to send a couple to yourself. This goes along with the information thing. It gives the viewer a better idea of how your character is and looks.

Oh! And if you have another blog, it doesn’t hurt to promote yourself on there, too~ u v u

*Shrug* Or I could be completely wrong. Maybe it was something else that drew attention to my blog, but I still think what I told you would still help. ^^; 

So I wish you luck! o u o)b I can’t wait to see your blog, hun~ And sorry for the delay in answer 8D;; I hope that my advice still helps. Haha~))

ask-ukalicekirkland said: ((She is so cute >w<!!!, and a little comment in case you don´t know, 2pAl is blonde, he dyes his hair XD))

((……. OhCRAP. I completely forgot about that when I was coloring X’D Oops— Well.. uh.. she dyes her hair, too, ‘cause.. she’s a daddy’s girl— I dunno— *BRICK’D* X’D))

ask-ukalicekirkland asked: <3 ((2pAl please =w=))


((I think she takes a little too much from her father. hahaha X’D But seriously, she’s adorable~ I had fun drawing this<3))

ask2p-greece asked: LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS...




((Oh my god, I couldn’t resist X’DDD Sorry—))

Anonymous asked: Ahhhh I love how your lines are so beautifully crayon texture! The lines are so smooth like, may I ask how did you get it to look like that? ; v ;


I don’t remember where I found the settings for it (if I do, I’ll put a link here), so here is what I have (on PaintToolSAI). I found it really fun to use, though I got it mostly for sketching purposes (using the default Pen setting as my lineart most of the time). But for the Disney things, I thought it looked nice. I really like the sketchy look and sometimes Pen is just boring, so it’s a nice compromise<3 I also suck with other brushes, but that’s a story for another time— *BRICK’D*

Though, I guess it could double as a crayon if the size is big enough (like, have it be a 10 instead of 4). ‘Cause really, the smaller it is, the more of a pencil effect you will get, and the bigger it is, the more crayon-y it is. Haha.

As for smoothness, I recommend not only using one stroke, as it will look thin (unless that’s what you want). The more strokes you use, the darker and smoother it looks, but for lighter areas, less strokes are better (if that makes sense—). Again, it depends on what you want.

I hope that helped, anon~ u v u)b

Anonymous asked: Mulan =v=




((I KNEW this was gonna come up X’D Heck, I would have said Mulan, too.

Though the situations are quite different, they’re still very similar overall. Mulan pretended to be a boy so she could join the imperial army in her father’s place while Alice did it so she could still walk amongst humans during the day without being recognized, being able to keep close to those she cares about. While this is really a selfish reason (Alice being unable to let go of her human life just yet) and not necessary to protect people from things that go bump in the night, it gives her a lot more mobility while allowing her to fulfill her social needs (if that makes sense).

Though, her drive to protect the ones she loves is not that much different than Mulan’s. She’s also kinda awkward while pretending to be a guy (at least, at first), appearing either feminine or just wimpy in some cases. When it comes down to it, though, they’re both brave and quite badass in the heat of battle, countering the prior statement. You know what I mean?

I hope that explanation helped, anon— |D))

askalfiethehero asked: Prince Eric and I'll be your Ariel ;D //slapped


((I’m sorry, but this is the cutest thing ever. X’D I now really want this to be a thing, oh my god—

I also feel like things would happen a little differently than the movie. Like, they would know each other before the shipwreck. She’d spot him one day watching her and start talking to him from time to time, even making sure to go out to sea more to see him. Then the shipwreck happens and he saves her, this being the first time being this close. Or something like that.

I dunno. I’m a dork X’DDD *BRICK’D*))

ask2p-fem-germany said://raises hand and waves it aggressively))

p2-prussia said: (( ah mah gad yas

((Oh my god, yessss<3 I didn’t expect anyone to respond, but YAY o u o)/ We should definitely roleplay! Where should we roleplay, though? Over Skype or something? o 3 o Let me know!))

ask-ukalicekirkland said: ((I would like to but… if it´s roleplay by just writing, sorry, I´m bad with that ÓwÒ…))

((Aww~ Don’t say that, hun~ I’m sure you can roleplay just fine u v u But if you wanna use pictures, too, then we can do that<3 I’d love to rp with you either way~))

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